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We offer two locations for picking up our products, Cadott and Abbotsford, WI. Our bait is sold in barrels, pails, bags, totes and bulk trailer loads. We offer discount prices for large loads and for shoveling your own barrels. It is nice, clean bait with no wrappers and no mess. We will load your vehicle or deliver large quantities.

Bear Bait and Guided Hunts

Hi-Standard Dog Food

Dog Collars, Leashes and Name Tags

Tracking Equipment and Collars

Tree Stands and Game Camera’s

BBD Big Bear Down Scents

BBD Big Bear Down Baits

Formally Vic’s Distributing

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Bear Bait

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Semi Load Pricing


Discounts up to 50% off Retail pricing for Full Semi Loads of Bear Bait.  Bait sold for as low as 9 cents per pound.

Become a Vendor

R Distributing is constantly looking to add new vendor outlets to service new areas and customers.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor for bear bait, Hi Standard Dog food or any of the other products that we offer.

Pallet Shipments

Speedee Delivery available to: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and parts of Missouri and Nebraska.

Average shipping cost is $75-$100 per pallet. (no limit to the quantity of pallets ordered) Also have Pricing for LTL and Full Truck Loads of Bear Bait.

Order For Pickup


You can call the location where you would like to pick the product up.  Orders will be taken and put together for you, they will be on pallets shrink wrapped and ready for you to pickup at your convince.

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For More Information About Any Of These Programs

Please call or email us at 715-289-3320 or info@bigbeardown.com


What Our Customers are Saying

“I was fortunate to harvest this bear on my own thanks to your bait. I purchased 3 barrels of bait (cookies, trail mix, and granola). I also used liquid smoke and your caramel.He showed up on camera in early August and took over the bait. The week before I harvested him he came in 5 mins before dark and never offered me a shot. The following Monday the weather was perfect and I felt confident and my friends were waiting for my call. He came in at 5:30 and was very cautious. I was able to pull my bow back and shot him before coming to the bait at 25 yds. He ran about 40 yds and did the death moan. Than the real work began as it took a team effort to get him out of the woods. He dressed out at 560lbs and estimated live weight around 650lbs. Skull measured 21 1/16 and is the largest bow kill in Wood County. I just purchased some bait today from your Abbotsford, WI location hoping my father-in-law can have a repeat performance. Feel free to use these pictures and thanks again for your phenomenal bait.


Dominic Pernsteiner - Source - Letter written in

“This was my first time there. The place was clean, orderly and professional looking. The staff was courteous and helpful answering my questions. I would highly recommend them.”

Dean Mense - Source - Google Review Cadott

Bought some bait and lures. Nice place, was working out of town. These guys gave some pointers on where to go catch fish locally. Would definitely stop again if in the area.

Jason Mocine - Source - Google Review Abottsford

Everything you need and they order for you,they have a wide range of products for good prices to bows and bow equipment,guns,fishing and more

Daniel - Source - Google Review Abbotsford